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Benefits of Mediation

Families, neighbors, and organizations using mediation as an alternative dispute resolution technique: 

  • Resolve their disputes, usually at least 85% of mediations end in agreement

  • Avoid costly court fees

  • Offers flexible schedule

  • Enjoy an informal environment

  • It's voluntary

  • Private and confidential

  • Find common ground

  • Quicker than litigation

  • Parties reach an agreement that satisfies the needs of all involved..... a WIN-WIN situation

  • The only dispute resolution that gives the client the POWER to decide on the outcome

Workplace Conflict


  • Personality differences

  • Cultural expectations

  • Malicious harassment

  • The failure of employers to understand employee limitations and needs

  • Different values and interests

  • Competition


  • Increase performance, productivity and motivation

  • More effective leadership

  • Increased trust

  • Creation of effective working relationship

  • Improved employee retention

  • Reduced stress, and absenteeism

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